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I love finding unique ideas and incorporating them into the wedding to create an event just for us. Latest find....Redneck Wine Glasses :) These would be such an easy DIY with some candlesticks, mason jars & a little bit of really strong glue. Since we are using mason jars as glasses for all of our guests, I thought that this would be a fun way to 'fancy' our glasses up a bit. What do you think? 

It makes me so so excited when I run across real wedding features that are at our same venue! I just so happen to run across this one today & it is beautiful! Makes me so happy! And...hopeful that maybe one day we'll get to be a feature on some of these lovely blogs <3 Until then....enjoy all this loveliness Pretty Little Things: Jen + Chip 
to one of my FAVORITE stores....Flower Factory. I got an email last Saturday that our local store will be closing. And it's the only one in the STATE! I didn't have any plans for the day so I went ahead and headed up in that direction. I'm so so so glad that I did! I got some AMAZING deals on silk flowers! Plus, I finally found the perfect bird cage for our card box & a crate for our ceremony programs. Check out all of the goodies!
to Jute webbing. We have become very good friends since running into each other at the craft store this past weekend. I never even knew that it existed. I went in to purchase regular burlap & on my way to the cutting counter, I zipped down an isle to avoid a crowd and there it was....sitting on the bottom shelf in the apholsty section. Who woulda thought?! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors! Of course, I had to google what exactly is was 'suppose' to be used for because I'm sure wedding decor was not one of them :) I have so so so many uses for this and it will save me from wasting burlap too! So so so excited :)

Mrs. Peeden......but how cute would this be?! Etsy seller MyAmberColouredWorld makes these B-E-A-U-tiful custom hangers that I have fallen in love with! Ordering the first thing with my soon-to-be-last name kinda makes everything a little more real <3

It's so hard to believe that the big day is getting closer and closer. I almost try to avoid looking at the countdown because it seems like the days are getting fewer and my lists are getting longer! I am so very excited to share in the day with all of our friends and 4.5 months! It's crazy to think that we [and by that I mean me, lol] have been planning for so long and it has always seemed so far in the future. Not anymore! I guess I bet
In the last two days, I have seen so many rustic, farm weddings & wanted to share a few of my favorites:

Love the old truck, boots & reception [click here]
Bocce Ball Anyone? [click here]
Mason jars, direction signs & a barn....sigh :) [click here]

Love seeing so many creative ways to personalize a wedding...makes me feel not so crazy about mine :)
Last summer, my church group helped to tear down some abandoned homes here in our small town. One of the homes had been flooded. The other, a tree had fallen through the roof awhile back. It had some beautiful gingerbread work & solid wood floors....definitely would have been a beautiful house in its hay day. Anyways, when tearing down the second house, i was able to salvage some of the old doors. I wasn't sure at the time what I wanted to do with them, but ran across these images on some blogs and knew exactly what to do! Now, thanks to some handy family members, we will be turning them into the arbor for the front our ceremony. I love it because it's something we are DIYing, and we will be able to use it in our yard at our home for years to come. So super excited about this project!!
So...knowing that I wanted to use Mason jars everywhere I can at the wedding, I have been keeping my eyes out for them in local ads and online. Guess where I found these beauties....Menards :) Made in the USA sale! So stinking excited! Now the people at the store were definitely giving me goofy looks, and I even got a 'My god, girl' as I was loading them into my car :) $6/case...meaning 50 cents a piece!!