So obviously I can't post pics because good 'ole Mr. P3 may get a little snoopy and see. But let me tell you, I love love love my dress :) It's the not the one I searched all over Indiana for. That one was so beautiful, and obviously a favorite, but the lace irritated my skin horribly...and lord knows I don't want to have to worry about that all day. The lovely Linda that helped us that day told me to pick out 6-8 dresses to start with. So I let everyone pick out a couple for me to try on [might as well have some fun with the experience]. My mom, Maid of Honor, Future Mother in Law and future Sister in Law all went with me. I grabbed one dress off of the rack that looked fun, even though it's not something I would have normally picked out....and it was gorgeous once I put it on! It quickly became a front runner. After trying it & the other favorite on [more than once], the let's-try-this-on-for-fun dress became the we're-t. I love my dress and cannot wait to put it on again :)

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