I swear it has been raining in Indiana for 2 straight weeks. The sun tries to show his 'brighter' side...but it's more like playing peek-a-boo than anything. That gets me thinking....in the back of my mind, sitting on a little stool in a dark corner, is the thought of having a rainy wedding day. Rain + Ceremony outside = one stressed out girl! I'm trying to keep him in that little dark corner, but also know that he can't stay there forever. Two options: [1] Rent a tent to cover the ceremony site on the front lawn...just in case. [2] Setup the reception site in the barn so that just in case it rains, we could always do the ceremony in the barn too....obviously neither is ideal, but both are possibilities. $$$ vs convenience? I did run across this wedding online [same venue] that had both ceremony and reception in the barn....so there is hope for that option :)

4/28/2011 03:38:43 am

I get nervous about rain too!! It's good to have some back-up options. at least they say it's good luck!


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